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Our mission at Vios Spa Group is to support you in bringing your unique vision to life and maximizing your operational and financial success by using winning business strategies.

We specialize in:

  • Creating highly customized niche branding and a strategic marketing plan

  • Developing and perfecting world-class treatments and programs
  • Delivering exceptional staff training and extensive, in-depth education
  • Creating five-star customer service standards and unique guest experiences
  • Developing eco-luxe sustainable design and operations
  • Establishing prosperous retail centers and skin care product lines
  • We create internationally distinctive and innovative concepts for local and global business operations.
  • Our eco-luxe designs blend sustainable building and operations with a luxurious atmosphere that is conscientious, responsible, and profitable.
  • Vios Spa Group offers affordable services that fit your specific needs, whether you need help from the ground up or with just one part of the planning process.
  • With their many areas of expertise, each member of our team takes a focused, active role to ensure the success of your project and unique vision.
  • Our small, independent company is accessible, responsive, and adaptable as your needs develop and change.
  • Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and guest expectations. We have diverse experience as entrepreneurs, owners, managers, and therapists.


Scope of Work

  • Business start-up, branding, and menu design
  • Choosing and purchasing back bar and retail products
  • Selecting furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E); managing room set-up and prep
  • Establishing standard operating procedures (SOP manuals), five-star treatments, and clearly defined protocols
  • Staff hiring and training; quality control; educational programs
  • Assessing customer service and the guest experience
  • Marketing and events; public relations
  • Green building and design
  • Project planning, management, and assistance
  • Business reviews and assessments
  • Writing and editing; research; global trends and industry analysis

It’s all in the details:

  • Our talented team provides creative planning and in-depth research.
  • We understand the importance of paying attention to tiny details.
  • We offer honest feedback and highly customized guidance for your specific needs.
  • We provide practical, relevant insights with a fresh perspective.
  • We specialize in eco-luxe and sustainable business planning.
  • We work with highly qualified architects, designers, contractors, suppliers, and other outstanding experts to help bring your project to completion.

Additional Scope of Work details and free initial consultations available upon request.